Latona Bangle


Twin bangles bound together by rose gold & pink rubies.

Latona Bangle


Twin bangles, both the same and yet different. The one a shimmering hammer finish, the other a smooth satin texture, handmade in Sterling Silver. Bound together, always, by rose gold & pink rubies.

Ruby’s are know as the ‘King of Gems’ and represent love, health & wisdom. Ruby is the birthstone for July – this beautiful bangle would be an ideal gift for a birthday or in honour of the birth of a new July baby. Ruby’s are also the traditional gift for a 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Our Latona Bangle is named for the Greek Titan Latona (or Leto) whom is the Mother of the twin God & Goddess, Apollo & Artemis.




Sterling Silver




Inside Diameter – 63mm (standard wrist size)

Loop Metal

18ct Rose Gold

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