Your KATA Bespoke Experience

Initial Consultation

We will either invite you to our studio or a meeting place to have a face-to-face consultation, or we will speak by phone or video call. Getting to know our clients helps us to be able to design a piece of jewellery that is tailored to our client’s desires and personal sense of style.

During this initial consultation we will discuss initial design ideas, gemstone & metal choices, budget and timeline.

At KATA Jewellery we can draw on our wealth of combined experience to advise you on diamond & gemstone options and will clearly explain the different choices available.

All bespoke pieces now have the option of being made using Fairmined Gold.

Design & Gemstone Selection

Based on our initial consultation, Anton will draw up initial design options. Jennifer will source a selection of coloured gemstones and diamonds for you to choose from.

All of our diamonds and gemstones come from suppliers with strict ethical codes of practice. We are also able to source coloured gemstones that are fully-traceable from the mine to you.

Making a bespoke piece of jewellery is a very personal process. Being able to choose the gemstone that ‘speaks to you’ is a very special part of the journey.

Confirmation of Design

Once the final design and stone choice is confirmed, we will ask for a 50% deposit before we begin to make your bespoke piece of jewellery.

The Making Process

Each piece of bespoke jewellery is handmade in our studio. Depending on the complexity of the design, the process can take between 4 – 8 weeks.

Each piece of jewellery and silverware is Hallmarked by the London Assay Office. Click here to learn more about this historic process.


You new bespoke piece is presented in our luxury packaging.

Once your final payment is made, your beautiful piece of bespoke jewellery can be collected from our studio or we can arrange delivery.

Emily’s Engagement Ring

Fiona’s Earrings 

Jude’s Ring 

Louise’s Ring    

Helen’s Earrings 

Jacqueline’s Rings 

Chrissie’s Engagement Ring    

Georgina’s Ring 

Jacqueline’s Necklace 

Charlotte’s Engagement Ring    

Elle’s Eternity Ring 

Rachael’s Engagement Ring 

Kriti’s Engagement Ring 

Sara’s Engagement Ring    

Astrid’s Eternity Ring 

Bespoke Archive ~ Michelle's Ring

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Bespoke Archive ~ Vannina's Ring

Vannina’s Ring    learn more

Bespoke Archive ~ Phoebe's Ring

Phoebe’s Engagement Ring    learn more

Bespoke Archive ~ Lattice Bangle

Simone’s Bangle    learn more

Bespoke Archive ~ Jennifer's Ring

Jennifer’s Engagement Ring   learn more

Bespoke Archive ~ Tanya Ring

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Anton's Cufflinks

Anton’s Cufflinks    learn more

Bespoke Archive ~ Nikita's Pendant

Nikita’s Pendant    learn more

Bespoke Archive ~ Davina's Ring

Davina’s Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Cherry Pendant

Cherry’s Pendant

Bespoke Archive ~ Matthew's Ring

Matthew’s Seal Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Cynthia's Earrings

Cynthia’s Earrings

Bespoke Archive ~ Amy's Ring

Amy’s Engagement Ring

Millie’s Engagement Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Rosamund's Ring

Rosamund’s Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Shivani's Neckpiece

Shivani’s Neckpiece

Bespoke Archive Tingting's Engagement Ring

Tingting’s Engagement Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Christina's Ring

Christina’s Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Ciara's Ring

Ciara’s Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Yvonne's Ring

Yvonne’s Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Stella's Ring

Stella’s Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ T


Bespoke Archive ~ Annie's Ring

Annie’s Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Phillipa's Ring

Phillipa’s Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Irena's Ring

Irena’s Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Katharina Earrings

Katharina’s Earrings

Bespoke Archive ~ Deborah's Engagement Ring

Deborah’s Engagement Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Sandra's Engagement Ring

Sandra’s Engagement Ring

Claudia's Ring

Claudia’s Seal Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Natalie's Ring

Natalie’s Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Tiara

Christie’s Earrings

Aaron’s Engagement Ring

Bespoke Archive ~ Mia's Earrings

Mia’s Earrings

If you are inspired to create your own bespoke piece for yourself, or a loved one, let KATA Jewellery guide you through the process.

Let’s bring the dream a little closer to reality….

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