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KATA Jewellery plays host to three exhibitions a year in our Royal Tunbridge Wells Boutique, each showcasing two unique artists from the South East.  

Each artist is handpicked, pairing together two which are complementary to each other and yet stand strongly on their own creating a unique interplay between the two.  

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 ‘Natural Impressions’


Our second art exhibition for 2024 unites the exquisite oil paintings of floral focused Sophie M Cook and the vibrant landscapes and cloudscapes of Hannah Buchanan.  

Both artists feature impressions of nature in their work, their portrayals allow us to take a step back and appreciate the natural world for what it is; a thing of beauty.

Sophie M Cook


A Tunbridge Wells local, Sophie M Cook works in oils and is best known for her floral paintings.

Never painting from photographs of flowers, Sophie works only with seasonal blooms. The subjects of her painting change depending on which flowers are out in her garden. Only working with fresh flowers, her subject matter is very fleeting, giving a nod to the fragility and transience of the natural world around us.

Each study is different as Sophie responds to the changes in light and how that affects the hues in her colour palette. Using perfectly considered tonal ranges of colour to capture and explore the complexity of her garden’s natural forms. Painting with an absence of harsh lines and edges, the essence of what makes a rose a rose is captured with an almost ethereal quality.

Hannah Buchanan


Beautifully capturing the delicacy of the Kentish countryside, Hannah Buchanan works from her greenhouse studio in her garden in Biddenden. Each of her paintings is based on a study done on location, with the final piece being painted in the studio.

Hannah’s paintings leads us to find calm and solitude. Her scenes disconnect the viewer from the business of life. Calm still waters, lush countryside and open skies bring us into those quiet places in nature where we can all feel at peace.

KATA has curated a wonderful mix of Hannah’s landscape scenes and her cloudscapes, reminding us of the tranquil summer days we all long for.

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