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KATA Jewellery plays host to three exhibitions a year in our Royal Tunbridge Wells Boutique, each showcasing two unique artists from the South East.  

Each artist is handpicked, pairing together two which are complementary to each other and yet stand strongly on their own creating a unique interplay between the two.  

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 ‘People Observed, A Unique Perspective’


Our first art exhibition for 2024 unites the works of award-winning oil painter, Frances Featherstone, and the vibrant street photography by Frederique Bellec.  

Both artists feature people in their work, portraits, but not as we would traditionally think of them.  

Frances Featherstone


An award-winning local oil painter from Groombridge who in the last year alone, has exhibited in multiple prestigious art exhibitions, including the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Exhibition at the prestigious Mall Galleries. 

KATA Jewellery has curated a wonderful mix of her unique and diverse portraiture, a particular favourite being the unique series of works entitled ‘From the Perspective of Angels’. 

In these, Frances paints her subject from an aerial perspective, compressing the scene into a wonderfully rich tapestry of texture, pattern and detail.  

Frederique Bellec


The photographs by London-based, Frederique Bellec are vibrant & urban – immediately eye-catching & captivating.  

Fred’s work focuses on the play between light & shadow, and the pattern & texture created within architecture. Each piece softened by the addition of a figure, captured unawares by her photographers lens.

The human stories of the city are elegantly framed by straight lines and towering structures, made vibrant with the artificial light of the urban environment. The result is compelling images with a graphic quality. 

If you would like to apply to join KATA Jewellery’s ‘Artist Portfolio’ and be considered for future exhibition cycles, please submit an application below.
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