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Rachael’s Ring

Rachael’s platinum engagement ring was handcrafted in our Tunbridge Wells workshop.

The ring consists of 3.6ct’s worth of Princess cut diamonds from Wes’ mother’s eternity ring and a 4.4ct unique cut aquamarine gemstone sourced by Jennifer perfectly marrying the old with the new.

The platinum used for this ring was ethically sourced and recycled – sustainability is of the upmost importance at KATA Jewellery.

Rachael & Wesley Engagement RIng (4)
Rachael & Wesley Engagement RIng (3) (1)

”I asked them to use a few diamonds from an older family ring and they did an amazing job at transforming it to a new ring……extremely helpful and knowledgeable…..thank you so much for making a beautiful and special piece for us!”


If you are inspired to remodel your own jewellery  for yourself, or a loved one, let KATA Jewellery guide you through the process.

Let’s bring the dream a little closer to reality….

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