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Nikita’s Pendant

A dazzling showcase of unusual and beautiful diamonds.

We made this ‘Love-Token’ pendant for our client Nikita. The design was settled after much discussion about the symbology to be included in the pendant. A heart-shaped diamond for true love, surrounded by a continuous line of diamond to represent eternity. The heart-shaped drop is then topped with a shield-shaped diamond which stands for steadfast honour, to protect their special love.

How it was made:


Nikita’s ‘Love-Token’ pendant was made in Platinum. Anton handmade each setting to show off the stones to their best potential.

The heart-shaped diamond and the shield-shaped diamond are held using claw settings.

The round diamonds have been set close together in a micro casteel style. This type of setting is very precise and the diamonds are set with the aid of a microscope. This allows us to create a look that is all diamond with no excess metal.

Each unit it linked together to give the pendant movement. This will allow the pendant to move as it is worn, shimmering and shining as it catches the light.


Platinum; Heart-Shaped Diamond; Shield-Shaped Diamond; Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds; Trace Chain

KATA Bespoke

At KATA Jewellery we pride ourselves on giving the best bespoke experience we can, tailored to each client’s individual needs. A special piece of jewellery is something very personal and we love to hear your side of the story.

Anton & Jennifer really listened to what I wanted to get achieve with this special piece.

The workmanship is faultless and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

I love how they have managed to capture so much meaning and symbology in my pendant. It’s just perfect!


If you are inspired to create your own bespoke piece for yourself, or a loved one, let KATA Jewellery guide you through the process.

Let’s bring the dream a little closer to reality….

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