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Vannina's Ring Flat

Vannina’s Ring

A stunning testament to antique jewellery. With it’s carved fluted shoulders and shaped gallery, the attention to detail in Vannina’s ring, is what makes it a true masterpiece. The flawless green / blue aquamarine is a rare beauty.

18ct Yellow Gold;  Platinum;  Oval Aquamarine;  Diamonds

Vannina's Ring Angle

KATA Bespoke

At KATA Jewellery we pride ourselves on giving the best bespoke experience we can, tailored to each client’s individual needs. A special piece of jewellery is something very personal and we love to hear your side of the story.

Client Experience:


 “I walked past a very expensive jewellery shop on my way to work every day and saw a beautiful piece in their window one day. When I finally gathered up the courage to ask them how much it cost, it turned out to be way out of my reach financially.

I casually mentioned it to Anton Kata at a social event, and he offered to come see the piece with me. Immediately afterwards, he drew it and confirmed that he would be able to replicate it. With his decades of experience, I entirely trusted him to do a great job, and enthusiastically agreed.

Kata invited me to their studio on a number of occasions so that I could be involved in the process and take a look at the stones they had sourced. I had a secret wish for a green hued aquamarine, which are more difficult to source than their relatively more common pale blue counterparts.

Anton had sourced a very large, very clear and very beautiful aquamarine, but… it wasn’t in any way green. Jennifer Kata immediately sensed that even though I liked the stone that had been sourced, because it was objectively stunning, it was not what my heart desired. She set about to contact other stone suppliers and found the smaller, but delightfully green stone you see in the picture. When I came back into the studio, I was shown both options and asked which I preferred and immediately jumped on the green one.

Kata not only have the skills and connection to make a very unique piece, they also have the intuition to know what their clients want before their clients even express it!

I was absolutely delighted, and thrilled at how it had turned out!”

Vannina's Ring Angle

If you are inspired to create your own bespoke piece for yourself, or a loved one, let KATA Jewellery guide you through the process.

Let’s bring the dream a little closer to reality….

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