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Anton’s Cufflinks

These unique cufflinks were handmake by our founder Anton J. Kata for his wedding day in April 2017.

They are a subtly unique statement – very much following with Anton’s personal style.

How they were made:


The citrine gemstones Anton has chosen are an experimental cut, uniquely faceted by our highly skilled lapidarist. The special cut of the Citrine has a flat top surface and a radial faceted underside. This gives the optical illusion of depth to the stone and reflects lots of light in an interesting way.

The stones are set in circular surrounds with studded point detailling. The pointed back of the setting and stone is designed to go through the button hole of the shirt cuff. This allows the front face of the cufflink to sit flush with the shirt.

The opposite side of the cufflink is a pierced backplate. This is handcut from flat gold sheet and is designed to mimic the shapes of the front setting.

The cufflink face and backplate are linked together with a uniquely made chain fitting. The long length central link makes the cufflink much easier to handle and fit than traditional cufflink chain.


18ct Yellow Gold; Round Citrine – unique cut with flat top and radial faceted underside

This most memorable of days was wonderfully highlighted with the bespoke jewellery Anton made for us both to wear.

Anton’s cufflinks were the perfect finishing touch to his wedding suit. Sharp and stylish, just like he is!

The wonderful thing is, he has worn them many times since our wedding day. Not only were they the perfect accessory then, but will continue to be for many years to come.


If you are inspired to create your own bespoke piece for yourself, or a loved one, let KATA Jewellery guide you through the process.

Let’s bring the dream a little closer to reality….

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