Frederique Bellec | The Cyclist


Dimensions – 550 x 310mm

Giclée Print on board

Frederique Bellec | The Cyclist

This print by self-taught photographer Frederique Bellec is part of KATA Jewellery’s first exhibition of the year ‘People Observed, A Unique Perspective’.

Frederique Bellec started her artistic and photographic journey on the streets of London, capturing the everyday and the mundane.

From pure street photography, Frederique’s work evolved to focus more intensely on the interplay of shadow, light and colour against the backdrop of the urban environment. Her photographs aim to find harmony between the human and the concrete hard structures of the city. The human stories of the city are elegantly framed by straight lines and towering structures as well as the vibrant artificial light of the urban environment., resulting in images with a graphical quality. The urban is her natural visual language, and she finds beauty and visual harmony in the human-built rather than the natural world.

Available to view and collect at KATA Jewellery’s Royal Tunbridge Wells boutique.

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